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The hot surface igniter does not produce the discharge, such as the use of high voltage spark ignition sound, or electrical noise. Violation of the spark ignition, the ignition flame is not localized. On the contrary, stable ignition performance of the flame along the plane.

In addition, the high power density provides an excellent thermal efficiency, compact high-output system, energy saving and greatly reduce the weight of the system.

Evaporation heater is more compact, and provide better energy performance.

The manufacture of resistors printed on alumina or silicon nitride ceramic substrate pattern, then apply another layer of ceramic sintering the entire unit.

This solution completetely the absence of air resistance, to prevent them from being oxidized. The resistors provide superior performance in high temperature strength, mechanical strength, thermal shock resistance, electrical insulation, high pressure resistance, chemical resistance. There is no short circuit risk, even when they contact with the metal.

High power density discharge to allow the electric high efficiency, high-energy output may be lighter in order to save energy.

On the contrary, the igniter generates a high voltage spark noise, water heater does not produce any ignition, does not discharge noise.

Pilot flame is not localized to the contrary spark ignition flame formed along the surface of the plane alowing ignition and stable performance.

Heating length is faster. Up to 1000 ° C, in 8 seconds

Compact high-power systems. Heated at high temperature performance ignition system can be more compact and lighter.

Direct heating
Water, kerosene can be diirectly heating

Senior Property
Highly resistant to mechanical strength, high temperature strength and excellent thermal shock resistance. Excellent electrical insulation, dielectric strength and thermal shock resistance. The resistive element isolation the alowing excellent antioxidant properties and excellent chemical resistance.

■ furnace
■ gas ignitor, gas water heater, gas heating equipment
■ fuel evaporation and ignition heating equipment
■ iron
■ boat engine ignition system, overhead lines or overhead wires snowmelt system
■ variety of commercial kitchen equipment


The hot surface ignition
Alumina Heater: ceramic insulator glazed alumina 95%, 90%, 75%, 50% mullite, talc, alumina (Al2O3) is

Sin Heater: ceramic insulator glazed alumina 95%, 90%, 75%, 50% mullite, talc, silicon carbide, silicon nitride (Si3N4).

Water heater is used as a hot surface ignition to ignite the natural gas or oil, natural gas or petroleum equipment and design, to replace the furnace, boiler, pool, air-or water heater igniter. Level generally replace the silicon nitride ignition. The sound of the discharge, there is no electrical noise, heating zone width, ignition and stable performance. Since the operating voltage of 120 V ± 10% - 15% in the United States, Britain or 100 V to 120 system of national standards EQUIPEMENT feet.
Ignition for the evaporator
For the warm air furnace or fuel appliances oil vaporized heater. To obtain the advantages of high power characteristics and temperature increased rapidly, the evaporation plant can be designed compact. It greatly shortened the evaporation time.
Specifications Function
Electrode and flame sensor rod and copper flash or nickel plated brackets made ??from all shapes and sizes of cold rolled steel, can provide almost any length of embedded wire lead to blockage type connectors and quick disconnect. Components can produce hundreds of one million per year, depending on the number of configuration and OEM requirements.
■ electrode and flame sensor: single-electrode, dual electrode, or single or multiple ignition electrode, flame monitoring or ionizing electrode and probe
■ ignition lead to a common temperature level and the diameter of the pin, to match the ignition system of copper and resistor version
■ protective cover, connectors, joints, interference suppressors, and hot water temperature sensor

hot surface ignition performance

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